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06 September 2016


The Computer Check-up is a great way to keep your PC running smoothly.

The full Check-up consists of the following:

Update your anti-virus software and scan for viruses.

Check for and remove spyware.

Update your firewall software if you have any.

Remove unwanted software that may be slowing down the computer.

Do a Windows Update and a Microsoft Office Update if you use it. I will need your original Office installation disk to do the Office Update.

Clean the case, insides, fans, floppy drive and CD-ROM drives.

Check the hard disk for errors and then defragment it.

Run hardware diagnostics to make sure all is running well.

Make a list of recommendations about how to increase the performance and security of your PC.

I will also recommend a suitable back up solution for you to safeguard your files.

With your approval I will install anti-virus and firewall software if your PC does not have them. You can choose from basic free versions or more sophisticated subscription based versions.

Your PC will have to go into the workshop for its Check-up as some of these checks take several hours to run.

Please click here for Check-up pricing.