Last site update:
06 September 2016


Rebuilding a PC is the process of removing all data and software from the computer and putting it all on again from scratch.

This is necessary when Windows or other software is so badly damaged that an ordinary repair is either impossible or too time consuming to do.

Some companies will happily format your disk and reinstall Windows without saving your data or other important files.

I’m not like that.

I will do a full backup and virus check of your disk contents before cleaning off your software. Then I format and check the disk for unreliable areas, reinstall Windows including the latest service packs from Microsoft, update all device drivers, do a Windows Update and only then do I put your office software on. This is updated if necessary from the manufacturers site.

In addition I will reinstall your anti-virus and firewall software (or supply them) and update these. Plus I will update the drivers and software for any scanners and printers that you have.

When all of this is in place I will put your data back on including e-mail messages, address books and favourites.

When I bring the PC back I will ensure that everything is working, that you can connect to the internet again and that all your data is safe.

To do a rebuild I will need original disks for Windows and your other software. If you do not have a Windows disk I will need to see a genuine Microsoft license number on your PC.

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